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Linux dedicated server hosting is a cost effective hosting that allows you to use full resource of server without any limitation. We have 1000+ servers running for various websites and apps which are running hugely and making happy business .BigBirdWeb’s SSD Linux dedicated server USA packages are based on pure SSD cache drives, we also making the drives with RAID-10 to make more faster and secure. Best hardware are used for secure dedicated server which give not only security also faster services. You can start with a small managed SSD cheap dedicated server and upgrade as needed with no IP change or data migration so things are kept easy and affordable for you.

India’s #1 Cheap dedicated server Hosting with our dedicated server hosting plans, giving you huge cloud storage server, Best Uptime in the Industry,Complementary DDOS Protection and the world-class fastest support.


/25 PORT Unblock on Request. Strickly prohibited for Email marketing.


per month

  • Dual Core Atom
  • 2GB DDR2 Ram
  • 500GB SATA HDD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 1 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs1100 per month
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per month

  • Intel Core2Quad
  • 4GB DDR2 Ram
  • 500GB SATA HDD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 1 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs1500 per month
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per month

  • Intel I3-540
  • 8GB DDR3 Ram
  • 500GB SATA HDD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs2200 per month
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per month

  • Opteron 2210
  • 16GB DDR2
  • 2x 250GB SATA
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs2200 per month
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per month

  • Dual Xeon 5150
  • 16GB DDR2 Ram
  • 2x 500 SATA HDD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs2600 per month
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per month

  • Dual Intel Xeon 5420
  • 16GB DDR3 Ram
  • 240GB SSD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs3000 per month
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per month

  • Dual Xeon 5520
  • 24GB DDR3
  • 3TB SATA
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs3700 per month
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per month

  • Xeon E3-1220v1
  • 32GB DDR3
  • 240GB SSD
  • 100mbit Unmetered BW
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • Rs4100 per month
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Unmanaged Dedicated Server with 5 IPs

We at bigbirdweb, can provide server with upto 256 IPs.We provide clean white label IPv4 for using email hosting or SMTP for 100% spam free delivery. All of our extra IP for server costs arpund $1.5 per ips no matter how much IP you need. We are at BigBirdweb strongly maintain our system for 100% uptime servers and 24×7 support system for all day and night. We provide managed dedicated service as well as unmanaged dedicated server location all over the word.

SSD Cloud Storage

SSH access

Full root access

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Free Website transfer

White label IP address

24/7/365 Managed Support

Free SSL Certificates

Full optimization

CDN Premium Network

cPanel Dedicated server

BigBirdWeb’s cheap dedicated server hosting comes with cPanel type control panel to be sure when it comes for security we business should be untouchable. Our cPanel for dedicated server at $49 for unlimited number of account. We use RAID 10 SSD disk space and upto 10Gbps bandwidth for servers to give smooth server experiences with All day-night support system and in house development team.

99.9 % Uptime Dedicated Server USA

Your Choice Of number of IP with email marketing dedicated server. With BigBirdWeb’s Linux cheap dedicated server with 5 or more IPs, we provide multiple IP options with rDNS and whitelabled. You can select the operating system of your choice.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Get Best Cheap Dedicated server in India with Bigbirdweb.  We offer managed and unmanaged services for dedicated server. Our features are upto 10gbps bandwidth, 10TB+ SSD , DDOS protection, Extra premium firewall, SSH root access, Cron tab facilities, rDNS, 12-24 hours guaranteed delivery, MySQL Hosting and much more. We have 10+ various OS to install with IPMI offering so that you can install you own operating system of your choice. We have centos , ubuntu, debian and much more with 64bit version as well as 32 bit version. We help you to transfer data from your own hosting to our platform. We offer cPanel at affordable price and can install. You can request via opening a support ticket. We offer Dedicated server upto 256 ips at additional low cost.


Here is the list of standard dedicated server hosting features:

Full Root SSH Access

SSD Storage

Subversion Repository (SVN)

Ecommerce Compatible


Crontab Access

rDNS / PTR Records

Secure Shell (SSH)

Ruby Version Manager (RVM)

Django / FFMpeg / Ruby on Rails

XCache / Varnish

Access to Raw Log Files

Free SSL Certificates for Life!

Lightning Fast Guarantee

Host Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Email Accounts

PHP / Perl / Python

MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB

Apache / Nginx / LiteSpeed

Security optimization

Kernel patch updates


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What is Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is a whole CPU with attached RAM, Storage device, Network bandwidth. More specifiacally dedicated server is a whole computer which manage communication between cloud and hardware.

Are the hosting managed?

We offer Dedicated server managed server at affordable price. Please contact us for more information..

How to access dedicated server?

Linux Dedicated server server can be access and manage by SSH. SSH is a protocol between you and server. You can access servers from command line. Putty is software that is available with source code .

How many IPv4 with server?

Every dedicated server comes with 5 IP address. However, you can request additional IP upto 256 from your client area.

VPS vs Dedicated Server

If you are running complex application and developing large script then you might require dedicated server. VPS is nothing but a part of dedicated server.

Do I get root access to my Server?

Yes. Every server has root access. We’ll email you root details at the time of activation.

Will you transfer my files?

Yes. Transferring data can be possible depends on your script installed. We’ll help you to transfer your data.

What is Activation time?

All of our servers activation time is 12-24 official hours.

What I'm unhappy with server?

We’ll be sorry for that situation, But no money back guaranty available for dedicated server.

Is server hosting upgradable?

Yes. You can always upgrade your dedicated server at any time.

Dedicated Server in INDIA

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Marketing Dedicated Server

Our servers are of the highest quality & spec to ensure your website performance is high day and night. Sign-up today for a free upgrade.